Zomblogalypse is the story of three inept survivors of a zombie apocalypse; Tony fashions bizarre weapons from household appliances, Hannah hides in the bath and knits, whilst Miles complains about running zombies and wishes the apocalypse had come along and got rid of all the people sooner.

Originally created as a zero budget black comedy web series in 2008, Zomblogalypse picked up almost half a million views over four seasons building a cult reputation for its dry British humour and loving send ups of the zombie genre, and is now being adapted into a feature length film for shooting in 2014 by the same creative team.

Follow the long journey from small screen to large, watch all four seasons of the web series and keep up with the latest news or get in touch on our social networks by following the links scattered around this website.

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Movie Production Blog #16: The Long Hot Summer

Movie Production Blog #16: The Long Hot Summer


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